Ecosystem Services:

How the environment provides resources for humans.

Ecosystem services are broken down into four different services. See below:

 Provisioning Services:

Regulation Services:

Supporting Services:

Cultural Services:

Regulation Service: Pollination

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Are products attained from ecosystems such as fresh water, food, fiber and fuel.

Benefits acquired from regulation of ecosystem processes. Examples- pollination, diseases, water, and climate.

Ecosystem services that are required for the production of ecosystem services such as formation of soil, and the cycling of nutrients.

Non-material benefits people gain though ecosystems, sych as spiritual enrichment and recreation.


Provisioning Service: Fresh Water

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Supporting Services: Soil Formation

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Enviromental services are what sustain human life. Humans do take all the earth gives for granted.

Ecosystem services have been known and studied for years. The greek philosopher Plato knew about how deforistation would affect the soil, whoch would lead to erosion leading to springs dying.

Examples: -Climate Regulation



-Materials to build buildings

-Healthy soil

-Healthy waterways

-Filteration of water

Regular river and ground water levels

-Breakdown of waste.


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